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Burl began his bubblin' adventure as a circus clown. In 1995, he attended Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. It was there that he was shown some simple bubble tricks using a store bought bottle of bubble solution. Burl was hooked. He knew that he could do so much more with a bucket of soapy water. "A lot of kids are afraid of clowns, but no kid is afraid of bubbles. I saw bubbles as a way to reach children at the circus. Little did I know that the adults were fascinated too".

In 1996, Burl joined his first circus, a one ring tent show that moved everyday, the Kelly Miller Circus. It wasn't the best conditions for bubbling, but Burl made it work. "The circus is a tough place to make bubbles. It's often hot, dry, dusty and breezy, all bad for bubbles. But, because of these tough conditions, my skills got better."
From 2000 to 2004, Burl joined Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. A childhood dream had come true. "It wasn't until after I got a degree in marketing that I realized more people should follow their childhood dreams." Ringling Bros. was a great experience for Burl. In 2004, they made Burl 'boss clown'. "an inmate was in charge of the asylum".

After leaving the circus, Burl continued clowning and bubbling with the Seaside Clowns, a group of talented clowns performing at an old fashioned amusement park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "another great adventure. I was clowning with some of my closest friends. I didn't even mind so much when the sea breeze would blow the bubbles out of my hands".

But then, after about ten years of clowning, it was time to try something new. It was time to shed the make-up, red nose and big shoes to see if the bubbles appealed to a wider audience. As it turns out, adult audiences love bubbles too. "everyones a kids when bubbles are around". The new bubble act debuted at the Vaudeville Extravaganza in North Carolina and was a big hit with the audience. "this show was the beginning of my World Tour".

Burl and his bubbles performed for vacationers on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines before setting his sights on different continents.

Burl was invited to Shanghai, China to perform alongside gymnasts and a Shoalin martial art troupe. "For two months straight, we had about 3000 people for every show. It was great". Then, off to Japan to work at Huis Ten Bosch, to work with more great street performers and clowns. "I have been fortunate to work with so many great performers and it was great to develop a street performing act with the bubbles...yet another challenge when working with bubbles".

Burl went to Paris to perform his act for the French TV Variete show, Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde. A new market had opened up for Burl.

The European Variete shows were a perfect fit for Burl and his bubbles. The famous Wintergarten Variete Theatre in Berlin, Germany welcomed Burl to perform for the Summer of 2007. "I couldn't believe that so many incredible performers graced the stage of the Wintergarten. I was proud to be a part of that show". Burl's next break came while performing at the Panem et Circuses Bajazzo in Essen, Germany. The owner of this show, Bernard Paul also owns the magnificent Roncalli Circus, arguably Europe's finest circus. "I never thought I would work in Circus again, but C'mon, this is Circus Roncalli! I couldn't pass up that experience".

For the next three seasons, Burl travelled with Circus Roncalli entertaining audiences throughout Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. "It's like I have been living in a dream. Roncalli is a magical show and I hope to find other wonderful places to bring my bubbles to the world".

Across the United States, Europe and China, that's where you might find Burl. But with so many circuses, variete shows, television shows, corporate and private events, you just never know where Burl will 'Pop' up next.